All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: All those very old pensioners and racist Brexit voters that Remainers always talk about lol. #BBCQT…

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: The UK has almost 60% of Europe's fishing grounds but only 13% of the quota. #BBCQT

RT @yorkspride: #bbcqt To watch or not to watch.. Oh its an orgy of liberals tears! I'll watch 😁 #PresidentTrump 👍 #BrexitMeansBrexit 👍

RT @rog_ukip: EU countries sell more to the UK than we sell to them. The UK is Germany's biggest export market. #BBCQT

RT @rog_ukip: The Pound also fell when we decided not to join the Euro. Thank goodness we didn't listen to Remainers then. #BBCQT