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Formerly: Labour’s Leader in EurParliament. Yorks&Humber MEP|NEC |ShadowCabinet. Currently: FRSA|GMB|EM|LME|HonPres of @GrimethorpeBand. Still: Labour|


Member of Scottish Parliament for South Scotland, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy, Transport and Connectivity , dad & Queen of the South fan

RT @RCorbettMEP: #Labour’s talks with the Tories on #Brexit have proved that the government will not shift to a less damaging form of Brexit. As there is no “alternative deal” available, there is now no ambiguity that Labour backs a public vote. . .

Richard Corbett (EU) retweeted @FFSake_ :

RT @FFSake_: NEW POLLING: Labour’s heartlands support calls for a #PeoplesVote - the idea that voters in north & midlands will thank Labour MPs who facilitate a Tory Brexit is put to bed. #PutItToThePeople #FFS