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Formerly: Labour’s Leader in EurParliament. Yorks&Humber MEP|NEC |ShadowCabinet. Currently: FRSA|GMB|EM|LME|HonPres of @GrimethorpeBand. Still: Labour|


Member of Scottish Parliament for South Scotland, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy, Transport and Connectivity , dad & Queen of the South fan

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

I’m pleased to join Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office team as the Junior Shadow Minister, responsible for the Office of Veterans & Government Procurement. I asked my first question from the dispatch box today on the need for an independent review on political advertising.

Caroline Flint (Labour) tweeted :

Now even the Guardian admits Labour’s 2nd Ref/Remain policy led to the collapse of the “Red Wall”. As a source in this article says, “This campaign was lost before it began” 🤦🏻‍♀️…

Conor McGinn MP (Labour) tweeted :

Paul Mason’s latest 5 point plan for Labour’s recovery is revealed ahead of the Ibrox launch tomorrow: * No, no Pope of Rome * No chapels to sadden my eyes * No nuns and no priests * No Rosary beads * Every day’s like the 12th of July

Jake Berry (Conservative) tweeted :

Brutal takedown of Labour’s fanciful spending plans ◽ Everyone will pay the #CostofCorbyn

Now on #BBC2 #AndrewNeil is skewering Labour’s #NHS spending plan with FACTS #andrewneilshow Proving #Labour claims on record boosts in funding are twaddle. Pure spin.

So..... turns out that Labour’s BREXIT policy is: “We’ll get a good deal then campaign against it”. Not sure there is much we need to add to that......?

Labour’s insistence on a referendum makes the cross-party talks pointless. If there’s going to be another parliamentary vote, hold it now.

And Labour’s #constructiveambiguity strategy, in place for over two years, continues unabated. #brassneck #noshame

Understand @EmilyThornberry at hospital with one of hers kids, so entirely understandable. Not sure why Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, @johnmcdonnellMP helped @theresa_may get the victory she needed.

This has only just struck me. One reason why Labour’s support last year was higher than expected is that it absorbed the votes of the far-Left splinter parties.