All deleted tweets from politicians

Happy 94th Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - As she’s asked for flags not to be flow on public buildings due to CV19, here’s a virtual one!

How do I explain this to @lindareynoldswa? She’s out of the country for one day & I’ve already got the @AustralianArmy drying out the pitch for the Bruthen-Orbost cricket match. Thanks to Joel Aston for the video. From bushfire to wet wickets in one month. #lovegippsland

This wonderful lady just made my day. Son in the military. Said she’s convinced Diane Abbott thinks MI5 is a motorway, and she doesn’t want her in charge of security. Couldn’t disagree..

Michelle Simmons AO is a superstar of Australian science. She’s creating the future of computing and she’s presenting this year’s Fenner Lecture tomorrow at @UniCanberra. Book here:…

Laura Pidcock MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Spoke to @JennieGenSec last night about @DurhamGala. She’s gutted to be missing it, in large part because of cancer treatment. She went to the NEC though. That’s how dedicated she is. When she says she’s already offered @tom_watson the information he says he wants, I 💯 trust her

Liezl van der Merwe (IFP) tweeted :

She’s everything to me🔥✊️I don’t watch Date my Family or any other Sunday programs that might just clash with Claire being on Carte Blanche😬I am her number one fan for life!!!😎🙌💛…

Hi everyone, I figured it was about time that I properly introduced you to our family dog, Tori. She’s been nipping at my heels about that a little...…