All deleted tweets from politicians

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

And now we’re all aware that there’s a new Bronco. See how cynicism and earned media collide?

There’s now a formal petition for a rescue package for the arts and entertainment sector on the Parliament website.…

This his helpful and hopefully there’s more to come to support those dairy farmers most exposed by the Coronavirus crisis. Dairy industry to join together to manage milk supply - GOV.UK #Eddisbury #Milkmatters #Dairy #Farming…

There’s very good bus connections to Melbourne and Gerling via @skybus_aus and as Avalon Station, this must happen and is another example of State Labor being asleep at the wheel. #theFactsMatter

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@ariellefree @gregjames @BBCR1 Ok, chat about a clock tower 🕰 There’s a town at the bottom Merchant City, which leads to Glasgow Green... close? 🕵🏻‍♀️🗺 #treasurehunt

Ian Austin (Labour) tweeted :

No way! That can’t be true. There’s absolutely no way the people running the Labour Party would fix and fiddle the rules.

There’s 77th Brigade and @InitIntegrity operatives for starters. In Scotland they are already highly organised and attacking and undermining our democratic choices. All paid for by the British State and the UK tax-payer.

Kerry McCarthy (Labour) tweeted :

Ok so I’m at @Crofters_Rights to see some bands and there’s a naked man playing keyboards, worryingly close to the audience .

@radeksikorski Not sure what a lesse passe is. There’s a document called a laissez-passer. What is it with Eurofanatics and their poor language skills?