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RT @Keir_Starmer: Edward Colston was responsible for 100,000 people being moved from Africa to the Caribbean as slaves. 20,000 died en route. The statue shouldn't have been taken down in the way it was. But it should have been removed from our streets a long time ago.

RT @centrepointuk: ⚠️There has been a huge surge in online Universal Credit applications. Over 100,000 people stayed up overnight with only 10 mins to complete the online form when they reached the front. As housing options teams move online too, this is really worrying for young people at risk.

Your Lib Dem + Labour run Council is wasting £100,000+ of your money on an elephant sculpture on a roundabout Tomorrow is your chance to elect a new council that will start to turn our town around by investing in it, not wasting your money on vanity projects. Vote conservative

Matt Western MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Fantastic to see the #KnifeAngel sculpture, made of 100,000 confiscated knives has been installed in Coventry. A pertinent and powerful symbol for peace amid rising #knifecrime and violence

RT @NationCymru: RT @NationCymru: Adam Price calls for People’s Vote as 100,000 gather to march outside Westminster…

New Peugeot deal for Vauxhall Luton plant: 🔒 Jobs secured: 1,400 🚚 New vans to be built: 100,000-a-year ⬆️ New investment: £100m+ Securing more jobs and more investment into the UK is fundamental to building a Britain that's fit for the future.

RT @savegrassroots: 1 Final plea to the football family We have 40,933 signatures We need 100,000 signatures by 12 o'clock tomorrow night I ask you all 2 help me give it 1 last push. I have give my all for 5 years on this campaign, i ask you all for 60 seconds of your time…

RT @NottsScouts: We've launched a £100,000 Property Improvement Fund to support our Groups provide 'Great Places for Great Scouting'.

£1,000 discount on business rates for all pubs with a Rateable Value of less than £100,000 #Budget2017

RT @_robsheldon: RT @_robsheldon: Thanks to everyone who helped get #bantoxiclead to 100,000 signatures. More soon......… https://t.c…