All deleted tweets from politicians

There’s a new interactive map on @511Alberta to help truckers find open restrooms, restaurants, and showers on Alberta highways. Check it out at #ThankATrucker

“There’s no carbon tax!” 😂😂😂😭Another case of “if you say it loud enough they will believe you” a la @cathmckenna, but this time via @sangharamesh. #LyingLiberals #TrudeauMustGo

Absolutely ridiculous. There’s nothing “political” about supporting Canada’s energy sector. Oil and gas fuels our country and our economy. And this sector provides jobs and supports our communities. We should all support these workers it. Full stop.

@royalyorker1784 @CaCemeteryHist Looks like she did not marry, or reverted to maiden name. There’s a George Clark in the same Rockway Cemetery, born in 1789 in Fredericksburgh to Sgt Alexander Clark; for various reasons he can’t be Sarah’s father. Neither married nor siblings, but (probably) related! Cousins?

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

Obama on basic research: "I know there’s bipartisan support in this chamber” US Republicans 4 sci funding. #CPC what r u waiting for? #SOTU