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RT @RCorbettMEP: Over the last 10 years (in which the EuropeanUnion & Brexit have been regularly debated) #BBCQT has invited UK MEPs onto its show some 50 times. Every single one has been a #Brexit supporter. Never had a Remainer. Never had a #Labour, #LibDem, Green, SNP, or PlaidCymru MEP

RT @KirianSev: Who else thought Stephen Kinnock was Daniel Hannan until he started getting political?😉 @bbcquestiontime #bbcqt @SKinnock @DanielJHannan Labour Conservatives

RT @lolkirkwood: Why is Barry Gardner yet again on #BBCQT ? Why do they so frequently take the same people to ‘represent’ #Labour ? And why do they already have a newly elected #BrexitParty MEP? They’ve NEVER taken a Labour, LibDem or Green MEP over the last five years

RT @lolkirkwood: So #bbcqt is back to promoting #Farage again: the leader of a “party” (in fact a private limited company without members) that has no MP and no councillors being given privileged air time ahead of the #EuropeanElection2019

RT @RCorbettMEP: Outraged by the continued preferential treatment for #Farage and #ukip on #BBCQT ? (See my previous tweet for statistics)

RT @RCorbettMEP: RT @RCorbettMEP: Why the continued @BBC bias in favour of #ukip , especially on #bbcqt ?

RT @alexandrabulat: #bbcqt just before Q2 I commented on @dominicraab's statement on @the3million and @BritishInEurope @BBC edited it out Are non-UK ppl not allowed to challenge the deal after all? At least @DawnButlerBrent , @thatginamiller etc heard it I just want ppl to be informed⬇️

Jean Lambert MEP (EU) tweeted :

Once again #bbcqt has no (non-UKIP) MEP on it who ca

RT @bbcquestiontime: RT @bbcquestiontime: Here's the full line-up, catch us on Thursday! #bbcqt

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

Don't miss me on @bbcthisweek in 45 minutes. Straight after #bbcqt.