All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @andrew_lilico: @MerrynSW @iainmartin1 A 0.25% rise on an outstanding mortgage of £100,000 (just above average) raises monthly payments…

DenisCoderre (unknown) tweeted :

Montréal fera un don de $100,000 à la Croix-Rouge en guise de solidarité #FortMcMurray j'invite tous les municipalités à contribuer

RT @davidharvey: @MPEveAdams That $500k TFSA was clearly an outlier. Only 4 people had more than $100,000…

RT @historyepics: England perform a Nazi salute before a game in Berlin. 100,000 fans turned up for the match. 1938

@ThomasMulcair refusing to answer or acknowledge questions re: why NDP donors are paying to cover his legal damages to the tune of $100,000