All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @moniquerankine: RT @moniquerankine: The police killed a BLACK FEMALE in Toronto today. They threw her over the balcony and there’s no news coverage on this…

@tina_plunkett And happened only two months ago. There’s no “with hindsight I do care about women/Rainbow/climate issues, please ignore that very real vote...”, which is dubious at the best of times when we’re talking fundamentals.

RT @grenfellcampus: We’re offering Psychology 1000 remotely this Spring! The semester begins on Monday, May 11 so there’s still time to register via Memorial Self-Service (CRN: 94028). New to remote learning or need help? Message us for assistance! #grenfell20 @MemorialU

RT @RepAdamSchiff: The transcript of the call reads like a classic mob shakedown: – We do a lot for Ukraine – There’s not much reciprocity – I have a favor to ask – Investigate my opponent – My people will be in touch Nice country you got there. It would be a shame if something happened to her.

RT @DanielJHannan: @radeksikorski Not sure what a lesse passe is. There’s a document called a laissez-passer. What is it with Eurofanatics and their poor language skills?

RT @WalkerMarcus: So Boris wants to get rid of sin taxes and Hunt wants to get rid of the hunting ban? Finally there’s a contest between actual conservatives.…

RT @MattHancock: Are you serious? Labour campaigning on crime in Peterborough. The whole reason there’s a by-election is the former Labour MP *went to prison*. #VoteConservative…

Congratulations to Susan Ley for being appointed to Cabinet and made Australia’s 32nd Environment Minister. There’s so much work to do. I look forward to working together to protect the Bight, cleaning up our oceans and tackling the extinction crisis.

@royalyorker1784 @CaCemeteryHist Looks like she did not marry, or reverted to maiden name. There’s a George Clark in the same Rockway Cemetery, born in 1789 in Fredericksburgh to Sgt Alexander Clark; for various reasons he can’t be Sarah’s father. Neither married nor siblings, but (probably) related! Cousins?

RT @NupurSharmaBJP: Just like there’s never an iota of evidence behind AAP claims of BJP involvement in attacks on Sir ji there’s nothing to prove @GautamGambhir is involved in such rubbish. But before everything else will @ArvindKejriwal please make good the 390 pages against Sheila Dikshit?