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@lesmorgp @IOL @Our_DA @geordinhl I’ve got back news, it’s about to get worse. The best way to avoid this would be to get off Twitter. Regards

RT @shashashaz: @damienmooremp nice speech. Best I’ve heard today. Wouldn’t mind you as my local mp here in Wiltshire. Best wishes

I’ve written an open letter to my constituents about why I’m voting in support of the Prime Minister’s Withdrawel Agreement tonight #BrexitDealVoteDay

Stopped to get a quick bite to eat @PGibsonSNP in the tea room and, umm, I’ve never heard of these before. Opted for a cheese sandwich.

I’ve been a union member and activist all my working life. Please remind me of the changes a Blair Labour Government made to previous Conservative Government restrictions to trade union activities.

RT @PeteWishart: As a Vice Chair of the Liaison Committee this is the first I’ve heard of it and it isn’t going to happen. One daft suggest…

After months of refusing to meet with me, I’ve finally managed to secure a meeting with the Minister with responsibility for the labour market, Kelly Tolhurst. I’m hoping we can make some progress beyond government just issuing guidance. We need action and enforcement.

I’ve contacted @TheMorayCouncil regarding bin collections following complaints from constituents. It seems information on the website about when collections will be made is inaccurate or unavailable, resulting in confusion for many local residents.…

RT @storyforgrace: How dare my MP David Davies patronise the lovely @annaturley Despitr being northern reporter in his constituency I’ve no…

Alev Korun (Grüne) tweeted :

The best analysis I’ve read for months about the mass of #Brexit. Read the whole thread!