All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DavidGauke: RT @DavidGauke: My speech at last night’s Lord Mayor’s Banquet. Seems to have caused a bit of a stir.…

RT @StephenLloydEBN: Stunning pic of our Bandstand from local snapper, Jamie Evans, during last night’s electrical storm, and I see it’s the lead photo on BBC website. Well done Jamie - hat tip to you for that one!

RT @PaulJSweeney: Surely, after last night’s humiliating defeat in the Commons, Theresa May will now finally accept that her version of Brexit is well-and-truly dead and buried. Shortly after the vote, I discussed some of the options for moving forward on ‘Scotland Tonight’ .

RT @CFMEU_CG: .@ellenmfanning’s characterisation of the #CFMEU as a “criminal outfit” on last night’s #abc730 appeared to rely on inaccurate material facts which were framed in a way that misled her audience. We’ve made a formal complaint which lays out the facts below #auspol #ausunions

RT @richardosman: RT @richardosman: Ratings from last night’s England match peaked at an extraordinary 22.5m during the shootout.