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Member of Parliament in SA Parliament.

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

46th Parliament Labor Women #auspol #politas #women

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

46th Parliament Labor Women

It was my pleasure to host the screening of @inmyblooditruns at Parliament House tonight @Aust_Parliament. Dujuan, who's story it tells, has family links to my own home of Borroloola. And it was terrific to see family from the Top End here in Canberra. #auspol

Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @lwitt01 :

RT @lwitt01: RT @lwitt01: Snipers overlooking Parliament Hill during today's #Wetsuweten protests #WetsuwetenStrong #ShutDownCanada…

RT @AdvoBarryRoux: ANC caucus in parliament is in a far much worse problem of Gender Based Violence than Mdu Manana. Advovo, Boy Mamabolo is the one who is the abuser. He used to abuse Kgadi, his baby mama, to a point that he'd also assault Kgadi's mother when she tries to intervene.

RT @BOConnorMP: Seven years ago I stood in parliament crticising the Liberal Goverment for daring Holden to leave Australia. Today, because of the government’s treatment of Australia’s manufacturing industry, one of Australia’s most loved brands will completely disappear. #auspol

Join us in the Wilson Room in Parliament next Thursday 27 Feb at 6pm for an event on the inspiring Lucas Plan, and building a participatory economy. I will be speaking with Hilary Wainwright, Steve Sprung, and Tony Simpson. Register here:…

RT @Billbrowder: RT @Billbrowder: BREAKING: Here is my testimony to the Australian parliament calling for Australia to implode a Magnitsky Act…

Julius Sello Malema (EFF) retweeted @IOL :

RT @IOL: OPINION: Parliament committed a grave error in inviting De Klerk to the SONA address, and the Economic Freedom Front was correct in demanding his removal, writes Jovial Rantao.…