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Welsh Labour MP for Cardiff North, Environmental Audit Select Cttee, vice chair APPG Climate Change, People’s Vote campaign


Sanjay Kaul is a Spokesperson for the BJP. He is the founder of People’s Action and has been a civil and consumer rights activist.

.@LibDem’s are the only party w/ people’s best interests at heart Over the past months we’ve pioneered legislation that would make a genuine difference to people’s lives, whilst the Govt. has been backlogged with #Brexit We must put an end to this #BrexitShambles #RevokeA50

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

Dear @metpoliceuk I wish to report the theft of 17.4 people’s votes. Suspects include alleged war criminals torture-suspects grand larceners fraudsters sex-criminals foreign powers expenses thieves and one electronically tagged convict #BrexitBetrayal #BrexitAlliance

RT @GdnPolitics: Jeremy Corbyn needs to get behind the people’s vote to fight the far right | Rachel Shabi…

RT @guardian: Labour’s plan for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal can heal the country | Tom Watson…

RT @StewartMcDonald: Corbyn’s office sacking front-benchers who voted in favour of a People’s Vote. Great look.…

@PolhomeEditor 335 is more than half the House of Commons. People’s Vote Campaign advice was not to support. Now they are abstaining on extending A50. TIG making themselves look stupid.

@LAHinds Sorrybthenitherbthibg was that we had put forward an amendment with the Independent Group which paved the way for a People’s Vote

Fully support people’s right to eat meat. What I can’t support is the practice of not stunning animals before slaughter. This needless suffering has no place in modern Britain. This is why I fully support a campaign to shine light on this important issue.

The full video of speech in Parliament today. We don’t need a chowkidar anymore, we need people’s khadim As next Prime Minister

NORTHERN CAPE PEOPLE’S MANIFESTO LAUNCH There is a lot that the ANC government has done, there is a lot more that needs to be done. #GrowSouthAfrica #VoteANC