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Actually meant to say she’s faced liar fronting it but think you get the point

RT @mau_loaaa: She’s really a Queen. Never shows when she’s going through something. May write a raw ass song about it. Never did anything…

Halystan (troll? estonia) retweeted @Bones4L :

RT @Bones4L: Damn she’s seriously trying to kill us with these photos . She’s so damn adorable 😍😍

Laura Pidcock MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Spoke to @JennieFormby last night about @DurhamGala. She’s gutted to be missing it, in large part because of cancer treatment. She went to the NEC though. That’s how dedicated she is. When she says she’s already offered @tom_watson the information he says he wants, I 💯 trust her

Jo isn’t just the right choice our party, she’s right for our country:… @joswinson #JoinJo

@lotharmat @MForstater @Moonie_l @labour @LabourStudents She’s the Labour Students’ Women’s Officer. I wouldn’t use abusive language on Twitter but it wouldn’t be fair to comment on the exchange on the basis of one tweet - clearly there’s a context I’m not familiar with.

Fadden campaign launched! Get behind Luz Stanton for @AustralianLabor to beat Stuart Robert. She’s worked in higher ed, un acting and she even pays her internet bills.

@JimKerr1973 She’s not a racist, I am happy to vouch for that in my dealings with her.

RT @wallaceme: She’s done that thing again. #nothingnew #trollingthelobby