All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @varungandhi80: RT @varungandhi80: My daughter Anasuyaa graduates Year 1 today and heads to Year 2. She’s the youngest in her class. ◽…

@SKAerials @SandPatterson @TriciaMarwick She’s certainly the only one with the apparent full backing, both in terms of publicity and finance

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

@paulabennettmp played a big part in helping us win the Northcote by-election — and she’s going to play a big part in helping us win the general election in September!

RT @CllrKathleen:… - & she’s correct, @MBallantyneMSP was the only one I remember who was vocally backing @BorisJohnson - same as the membership was. #backingballantyne

Thanks to Rosena, we turned blue seats into red ones. If she’s elected as the next Deputy Leader, we can start doing that across the whole country - at both a local and a national level. Let’s take Labour forward. #TeamRosena…

RT @ayeshahazarika: Looking forward to campaigning for the brilliant @PreetKGillMP tomorrow afternoon in Edgebaston. She’s been a great Labour MP so let’s her elected!

Actually meant to say she’s faced liar fronting it but think you get the point

RT @mau_loaaa: She’s really a Queen. Never shows when she’s going through something. May write a raw ass song about it. Never did anything wild or crazy. Doesn’t beef with other Artist. She’s RICH ASFFFF. & She worked and EARNED it all. And she’s NATURALLY BAD ASF. How could you not love Bey?…

Halystan (troll? estonia) retweeted @Bones4L :

RT @Bones4L: RT @Bones4L: Damn she’s seriously trying to kill us with these photos . She’s so damn adorable ◽◽