All deleted tweets from politicians

Over 20% of the parliamentary seats at the next European elections will be held by hard right parties - that’s a huge percentage for any parliament. I’m worried about how much worse this could get if social democrats don’t start standing up to this shift. #FEPFAB19

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

George looking at your photo that’s pot call the kettle black.

@KgosiMalatsi Fundisisa kahle be bhutiza, I tried compassion but that’s clearly a language you don’t understand so let’s try this: fokof emzimbheni wam’, hamba uyonya. ❤️😘

That’s not to say I will always be a willing punchbag. I too, am human & won’t tolerate being abused. So masinga jwayelani kabi

Half a billion of taxpayers’ dollars. That’s what Peter Dutton’s Department spent on entertainment and office furniture for executives... in a single year. It’s simply unacceptable.

Canadians are increasingly concerned w escalating incidents between China + Canada. That’s why I worked w @ErinOToolMP to convene #FAAE today. I urge all MPs to vote in favour of a briefing from the Amb @HonJohnMcCallum #cdnpoli #cdnfa @NDP

Bill Esterson (Labour) tweeted :

@NinaWarhurst on @BBCNews points that when we leave the EU on 29 March, that’s when the real negotiations start. Terrible uncertainty for years to come. That’s why government deal and no deal are both bad for the economy and jobs. It’s a false choice and both should be rejected.

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

On the contrary @burrah0bbit I love my country. That’s why I am unashamedly fighting for it.

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) tweeted :

That’s @RT_Erdogan’ s #Turkey! Solidarity with #PelinUnker and all Turkish citizens imprisoned and persecuted for standing up against #corruption and for #democracy!

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Uh. That’s not how you do an onside kick