All deleted tweets from politicians

Keith Taylor MEP (EU) tweeted :

Everything that’s wrong with our media Journalists are taught that conflict is the key to a good story Only extreme viewpoints are sought (I’ve been stood down before of my line isn’t rabidly oppositional to another guest’s) It’s not news, it’s infotainment. ⤵️⤵️⤵️

There *is* a cross-party majority of MPs in the House for a sensible Brexit. We have a duty to deliver it. That’s why I’m working with Labour MPs like @SKinnock @LucyMPowell @HelenGoodmanMP @JohnMannMP @IanAustinMP to find a pro-jobs #CommonMarket2.0 Brexit that respects the vote

RT @MacaesBruno: I see some people arguing that no deal is impossible because there’s no majority for it. That’s quite irrelevant. If it ha…

@BeardedGenius That’s hilarious 😂

Wages are at record lows and now the Liberals say that’s a “deliberate” part of their economic strategy 🤦‍♂️ #auspol

Asaduddin Owaisi (india) tweeted :

Well, why is the government of the day being asked about unemployment? That’s a question for Aurangzeb or Nehru. Let Mitron tell us more about that time he spent 4.5 years ‘fixing’ the economy with hair brained schemes such as Demonetization

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

This thread is worth reading. We were talking about the suspension of Naz. (And on that topic, that’s what a sincere apology from someone who believes in equality really looks like.)

RT @MulberryAS: @rushanaraali said “My teachers made me believe that anything is possible and that’s what is special about Mulberry and the…

RT @kinsellawarren: That’s it. They fired an Indigenous woman because she wouldn’t break the law for them. #cdnpoli #lavscam

Jacqueline Foster (EU) retweeted @LiamFox :

RT @LiamFox: We’ll be using our independent seat in Geneva @wto to promote a fair and free trading system that’s fit for the 21st century (…