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MP for Waiariki. Authorised Tāmati Coffey, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn. We’re all in this together and no one makes it out alive. So lets look after each other.

RT @DFID_UK: “Unless we get this right, what we’ve seen in Uganda, what we’ve seen in Goma, will happen again and we’re going to have some…

Except we’re now not going to be able to question the new DFID Secretary because he’s pulled out of our Committee’s long planned session later today - not good form. We even offer a proper seat, not a BBC barstool...

Liisa Past (estonia) replied to @LiisaPast :

“We’re working on you” while not even taking my name or ticket.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) replied to @Kiimbl :

@Kiimbl Utterly awful. Glad we’re on the same page.

RT @Brexit_WestMids: West Midlands Citizens show your support for #TheBrexitParty ! Let’s #ChangePoliticsForGood ! We’re #fightingback !…

RT @henning_lubbeSA: 13 days until the election! We’re ready! 💙🇿🇦 #OneSAForAll

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RT @michaelcardo: 78% of Grade 4 learners in SA can’t read for meaning. But the big education story is that we’re going to teach them how t…

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RT @Our_DA: “The DA represents the future of our nation. We may not be perfect, but we’re honest, we work hard and we have a plan to compl…

RT @AustralianLabor: We’re the only country in the world that gives tax refunds to people who haven’t paid tax.