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RT @fvckcapitaIism: With every cloud there’s a silver lining. If this is the one thing that finally makes people ditch the neoliberal Labour Party then that itself is fantastic. We need to continue building an actual opposition to this government & reiterating our case for socialism. @WorkersPartyGB

RT @Be_Herrero: There’s a new ‘Balkan’ cliché in Spanish politics: “The Slovenian Way”. Daily mentioned and condemned by parties & commentators left and right, it’s presented as a reckless secession that led to war, and as such has highly negative connotations. History haunting national branding

RT @Iromg: Get your tickets and BIP packages organised. There’s only three weeks to go until the Mother of all Live Shows with me and ⁦@georgegalloway⁩@comedystoreuk⁩

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RT @jkenney: World oil demand is growing. There’s no question about that. The question is: Will Alberta oil fulfill that demand? Or will foreign oil?

RT @mattyglesias: Really worth emphasizing that there’s a good (~25%) chance Republicans hold the House, gain a senate seat or two, replace McCain/Flake/Corker with Trump loyalists, Mueller gets fired, Manafort gets pardoned, and then that’s game over — the coverup worked.

RT @jonesthescribe: RT @jonesthescribe: Like there’s anyone watching this who isn’t just focusing on the door

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There’s no such thing as a good coup. Even in poor, long-suffering Zimbabwe.…

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"There’s a lot of scaremongering on all sides of this debate. Of course the trading would go on." David Cameron, 6 January 2013. Very True.