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Lead Conservative Regional Member of the Welsh Parliament (Formerly the National Assembly for Wales)

RT @JSaryuszWolski: Top influencers on Twitter by political group in European Parliament ⁦@ecrgroup⁩@pisorgpl⁩@warszawskipis⁩@FM_PiS_Warszawa⁩

RT @EuropeElects: EU Parliament Group leaders Centre-right EPP: Manfred Weber 🇩🇪 Centre-left S&D: Iratxe Garcia Perez 🇪🇸 Liberal RE: Dacian Cioloș 🇷🇴 Greens/EFA: Ska Keller 🇩🇪 & Philippe Lambert 🇧🇪 Right ID: Marco Zanni 🇮🇹 Conservative ECR: Ryszard Legutko 🇵🇱 & Raffaele Fitto 🇮🇹 Left GUE/NGL: ?

RT @JSaryuszWolski: Nord Stream 2 constitutes an anti-EU „Putin’s leverage” „The open letter by the Members of European Parliament appeals to the Chancellor to take the European path, and not the ‚Germany first’ one”

RT @JSaryuszWolski: European Parliament is devaluing article 7, needed for truly dangerous situations, for the sake of political fight and bashing of the country disliked by the mainstream.…

RT @EuropeElects: EU28: European Parliament vote on Article 7 proceedings against the government of Hungary, % of group MEPs in favor (chart from @VoteWatchEurope): G/EFA: 100% S&D: 95% ALDE: 92% GUE/NGL: 87% EPP: 72% EFDD: 32% ECR: 4% NI: 1% ENF: 0% #Hungary #SOTEU

RT @JSaryuszWolski: RT @JSaryuszWolski: „Orban to appear in EU parliament rule of law debate” 11.09.2018

RT @JSaryuszWolski: RT @JSaryuszWolski: „Russian Corruption in the UK”: UK Parliament Report…

RT @EuropeElects: EU27*, Europe Elects seat prognosis EU Parliament: EPP: 170-190 (217) ⬇ S&D: 129-148 (169) ⬇ ALDE: 99-114 (67) ⬆ GUE/NGL: 52-61 (51) ⬆ EFDD: 47-58 (25) ⬆ ENF: 40-50 (36) ⬆ ECR: 34-48 (53) ⬇ G/EFA: 28-36 (45) ⬇ *: 14-27 (0) ⬆ NI: 6-10 (15) ⬇ Mar 2018 *wo/ UK #EP2019

RT @JSaryuszWolski: Members of European Parliament accuse Russia of dividing Europe through Nord Stream 2, claiming it is strategic and security issue. Russia wants to divide, weaken and intimidate the EU and should not be allowed to do so.