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Member of Parliament for Glasgow North & @thesnp Westminster Chief Whip


MP for Ross, Skye & Lochaber & @theSNP Parliamentary Leader at Westminster. Constituents wishing to contact me, please email

RT @_dsutherland_: I am #SNPbecause of their strong voice for Scotland amidst a Westminster government determined to undermine us at every…

RT @KristoferKeane: Scotland doesn't get a veto - Sewell motions are just 'convention', not law. Shows Westminster could disregard Holyrood…

RT @Ian_Lyon: Saltire flying outside Westminster as the #SNP MP’s arrive is a beautiful sight.

RT @nataliemcgarry: If you want big SNP bloc of MPs at Westminster, we can do it, but not by force of will. We must get out & work for it. …