All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @PamelaGeller: RT @PamelaGeller: Muslims Murder 14 Baptist Christians in Nigeria, Survivor Loses 13 relatives…

RT @johnaustin47: WARNING:GRAPHIC CONTENT: 9 Nigerian Christians killed in Southern Kaduna, 7 kidnapped by Fulani Muslims herdsmen. Its everyday story in Africa. No media reports. No protest anywhere. These BLACK LIVES Don't MATTER? Protest in USA is Jihadi funded,using its citizens to defeat USA

RT @Imamofpeace: When will Black Lives Matter speak about the daily persecution of Christians in Africa, especially Nigeria? The Islamist Extremist fanatic Fulani Tribe of Buhari is literally video recording their rape of Christian women in public and sharing it on social media.

RT @USCIRF: While some #Yazidis, Christians, and other religious and ethnic minorities in #Iraq have begun the long process of returning home and rebuilding, many others remain displaced and suffering. Read more about in Iraq in #UscirfAnnualReport2020:

RT @DesiPoliticks: BJP and RSS leader Rajeshwar Singh said: “Muslims and Christians will be wiped out of India by December 31, 2021” A member of India's ruling party openly boasting his government's intent to: “Ethnically cleanse 200 million Muslims and 28 million Christians” Is this New India?

RT @His_Grace: RT @His_Grace: Boris Johnson pledges to defend and help persecuted Christians…

@LahartJack @DennisPrager In other words, slavery was abolished, not only by Christians, but by capitalists.…

RT @saraprice09876: @MargotLJParker @Telegraph If our Prime Minister can’t even call Christians ‘Christians’ - not much hope of her defending them. E.g. Asia Bibi

RT @IPP_FoRB: "But unlike those 'foreign #Christians', #Moroccan converts say they are forced to worship at home, in secret. Conversion from #Islam to Christianity is banned... and proselytising is punishable by up to three years in prison." Read more:… #FoRB

RT @annie_khalid: I am MUSLIM. Christians kill me in Iraq. Buddhists kill me in Burma. Jews kill me in Palestine. Hindus kill me in Kashmir. Atheists kill me in New Zealand. But still, I am the terrorist #NewZealandShooting #ChristchurchMosque