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I don’t know where the limits are, but I would like to go there.


Conservative candidate for Chesham and Amersham all enquiries to don’t forget to vote for Cheryl on 12 December 2019

Your voice is your vote - don’t loose it. Register to vote. #GE2019

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @IamEtubo :

RT @IamEtubo: girl and promised her. I said “Hey girrrrrl. Don’t worry. I’m never gonna leave you. I will protect you like you are mine. I…

Guys @CostaCoffeeInd , why don’t you have the option of ceramic cups ☕️ for coffee?

RT @Joydas: Don’t know what were those Arabic words in white paper to ward off Evil, but seems it really works

RT @D_abdulkader: Don’t betray #Kurds @realDonaldTrump As a proud Kurdish-American, fled Saddam’s Iraq, lived in a refugee camp in Syria…

Wai Young (unknown) tweeted :

Everywhere I go, people in Vancouver South shake their heads at another 4 Years of Trudeau. Don’t just think it, vote for me Oct 21 so I can go to Ottawa to reduce taxes, revise mortgage stress test & more! Vote #elxn2019 #cdnpoli

RT @CCriadoPerez: Really interesting question I don’t have the answer to but I wouldn’t be surprised given how little we know about the men…

RT @andrew_tomayer: This is why I’m #VotingGreen, they don’t make bills for political points, they work together, across party lines to get…

RT @TheTweetOfGod: I don’t exist and I resent having to emerge from non-existence to tell you that.

RT @ldobsonhughes: Anti-vaxxers should not be allowed formal comment on vaccination strategies. We don’t allow serial killers input on viol…