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RT @StephenLloydEBN: This is the reality of Johnson’s government. Back an amendment to ban chlorinated chicken in the upcoming farm trade talks with the USA, and you get payback! They really are such an utter shower. Johnson/Tump; they deserve each. Us not so much. The Times…

RT @JoshuaPotash: RT @JoshuaPotash: Boris Johnson’s press conference from 2 weeks ago has aged like fine milk.

RT @bluecollartory_: “They’re the only ones in touch with the working man” Boris Johnson’s Conservative candidate for Derby South @Edthejazzman is winning the support of working people who used to vote Labour but can’t stand Corbyn and want to get Brexit done #BlueCollarCanvass 🙌

RT @TomKibasi: RT @TomKibasi: Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is a “great deal” in the same sense that the First World War was a “great war”.…

RT @MrTCHarris: Labour complaining about Boris Johnson’s “untrustworthiness” because he won’t take us out of the EU by 31 October after all is like punching someone and then blaming them for getting blood on your shirt.

RT @Bill_Esterson: .@DominicRaab says Boris Johnson’s Deal is good for Northern Ireland businesses because they will stay part of the EU Single Market. That means he accepts it’s a bad deal for businesses on the mainland which won’t. Further evidence that there must be a #PeoplesVote #BrexitCrisis

RT @MrTCHarris: Having voted against allowing a recess to accommodate Tory conference, Ian Blackford’s complaint about Boris Johnson’s absence from #pmqs was like the man who, having been convicted of murdering his parents, appealed to the judge for leniency on the grounds that he was an orphan.

A guide to new UK PM Boris Johnson’s cabinet and advisors’ view on cannabis

RT @SophiaSleigh: .@guardian⁩ spread on Boris Johnson’s mayoral legacy: ⁦⁦@AndrewBoff⁩: “The first year was dreadful. We had some terrible problems.” ⁦@GreenJennyJones: “A lot of us like him...but none of us trust him” ⁦@CarolinePidgeon: “He used to constantly quote Latin at us”

RT @Martin_Durkin: RT @Martin_Durkin: BBC (yet again) telling us what Johnson’s tax cuts would “cost” us. It won’t COST us anything! It’s our bloody money!!