All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @steve_hawkes: RT @steve_hawkes: Wonder how many Labour MPs wish they’d backed Theresa May’s Deal

RT @theSNP: First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #stuc19: "Scotland wants no part of Theresa May’s despicable hostile environment. We reject the dog whistle xenophobia that is too prevalent in political discourse. And we stand firm and united against the rise of the far right."

RT @AllieHBNews: RT @AllieHBNews: Wednesday’s Daily MAIL: “Mogg: Sorry, I WILL Back May’s Deal” #bbcpapers #tomorrowspaperstoday

RT @afneil: So the Brexit talks stand off begins. Barnier rejects May’s Customs plans. But indicates U.K. could stay in the Customs Union. May knows she’s Tory toast if she agrees to that. So what next?