All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @flotus1982: RT @flotus1982: @ChisTownTeam @neill_bob That’s sad news. Well we can always use one at post office

RT @garry_keller: I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but full respect to @RonaAmbrose for making a decision about the #cpcldr race that’s right for her. She has served our party and our country with distinction and I’m proud to call her a friend. 👍👏#cdnpoli

RT @CraigBatemanUK: Well, that’s it. 2019 was quieter than I expected, but I am grateful I - spent valuable time with family & friends back home; - interned in office of @Mark4WyreForest & campaigned for his successful re-election: - graduated from MSc @LSESocialPolicy with Distinction & two awards.

RT @BeccyRyan: So much for only those earning £80k+ being taxed more under Corbyn. Those on £14,000 (that’s minimum wage) would have to pay £400 more per year!

RT @halfon4harlowMP: Horse tethering in dangerous locations is barbaric. That’s why I’m calling for: 📝 Stronger powers for local authorities to take action ⚖️ Profound changes to the Code of Practice and Animal Welfare Act #WorkingHardForHarlow

My position has been consistent and clear. I’d prefer to leave the EU with a deal, but if that’s possible we have to respect the Referendum outcome and leave anyway.

RT @Lindy_Cameron: So that’s it. DG Country Programmes has left the building. The most amazing 3.5yrs. Extraordinary people ending global poverty and making life better for those who need it most. A fantastic diverse team. Thanks for the memories. Au revoir @DFID_UK. I hope to be back...

RT @Ashleyfoxmep: My postal vote and election address from @Conservatives arrive in the same post. That’s good organisation (and a bit of luck 😉).

RT @DamianHinds: All children should have access to the high-quality education that’s right for them. Today we are announcing 37 new special, and two AP, free schools, so 3,500 more children across the country can get the support they need…