All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ayeshahazarika: Would Gwynnie’s vag based candle be considered vegan? BTW, I cannot believe she’s dropped this comedy gold AFTER my stand up tour all about Goop is over. Clearly her revenge for all those yoni steaming gags #singedminge

RT @LauraSmithCrewe: Seriously! As a mother to a 3 year old daughter I really hope that by the time she’s an adult this kind of attitude has disappeared. #DoBetter focus on the politics

Ann Coffey (Labour) retweeted @ILoveMCR :

RT @ILoveMCR: HELP FIND MISSING 15 year old Leah Burns. She’s been missing for 1 month now with no sightings. Her mother has given permission for anyone to post/share this with as many people in Greater Manchester (and beyond) as possible.