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RT @anandMenon1: RT @anandMenon1: I reckon there’s a valid position between ‘this country is shit’ and ‘this country is perfect’.

RT @rmperry1978: @gerardpatrick @angelaeagle Surely there’s a rule that covers this? You must have to have a minimum number of MP’s debating and voting in parliament for anything to pass?!

RT @JoelBakerMusic: RT @JoelBakerMusic: @SharonHodgsonMP wonder if there’s something we can do ◽◽ It’s such a broken system

RT @ryancapperauld: RT @ryancapperauld: There’s going to be a sharp increase in cases of #COVID19 according to FM @NicolaSturgeon . Figures will be released at…

RT @johnmcdonnellMP: Can’t hide from hit we took last night.Bringing people together when there’s such a divide was never going to be easy. Now we face prospect of Brexiteer extremist as Tory leader & threat of no deal, we must unite our party & country by taking issue back to people in a public vote

RT @lewis_goodall: She says there’s been a v recent trend- EU doctors and nurses choosing to leave because of fears over their future status. She despaired at politicians who have no clue as to how bad it’s getting. She said if this continues the NHS is heading for a major crisis. (2/2)

RT @lucianaberger: There’s a lot of very unpleasant and nasty stuff being shared on twitter tonight. This in particular will keep me awake >>…

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RT @DA_Anderson: It’s a short walk from the bus to the office, but what a stunningly beautiful morning. If there’s a finer city in the world I haven’t seen it yet. Edinburgh, where it’s just great to be alive. @thisisedinburgh

RT @patmcfaddenmp: RT @patmcfaddenmp: There’s been some talk about what is ruled in or out. This makes clear it’s really about the choices we make. https:/…