All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Kate_M_Proctor: At a fringe event at #CPC2019 and @JamesCleverly says for the second time today that the Tories founded the NHS. Think I need a history lesson. Can anyone point to the facts?

RT @gerard_coyne: RT @gerard_coyne: A tweet off Derek Hatton about playing into the hands of the Tories and being a pathetic careerist after losing! Really!!!

RT @SamCoatesTimes: Exclusive: Times/ YouGov Poll Voting intention has the Tories back ahead for the first time since the June election CON 42%(+2), LAB 41%(nc), LDEM 7%(nc) Changes on last week. Poll taken Sun/Mon

RT @report_politics: RT @report_politics: @MikeGapes @VoteLeaveWatch So stop voting with the Tories on #Brexit .

RT @tigerfish4: RT @tigerfish4: @MikeGapes JCis not voting with the Tories.@labour is voting for democracy+you have been around long enough to know about a…

@LouiseMensch @EmmaKennedy this won't happen. SNP hate the Tories too much. Plus not sure Devo Max + EVEL would make it through Westminster