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AM for Cardiff West & Leader of @WelshLabour / AC dros Orllewin Caerdydd & Arweinydd Llafur Cymru.


Welsh Labour MP for Cardiff North. Climate change / Net Zero / BEIS Select Committee

RT @Charlotte_Cymru: The stadium in Cardiff are very kindly donating the food from today’s match. @CandiceLloyd20 is picking it up now. If you know of anybody that will benefit please let us know ASAP ♥️

RT @WalesOnline: RT @WalesOnline: All the staff at 10 Feet Tall resign in shock public statement on Cardiff venue's website… https://…

RT @MattSmithWales: Brexit is about more than leaving the EU. @PaulDaviesPembs @WelshConserv Government will burst the Cardiff Bay bubble, closing the gap between devolved politicians and the people and giving voters a greater sense of owning devolution #UnleashWalesPotential…

RT @DanDare42069: @neiljmcevoy @cardiffcouncil @ITVWales @bubblewales @JacotheNorth @BBCWalesNews @WalesPolitics Cardiff Council must immediately suspend its contract with Priority Childcare Ltd pending a thorough and transparent investigation.

RT @UniteWales: Great to see so many of our members in #Cardiff Bay this evening supporting the #WhiteRibbonDay candlelight vigil. We will always stand up for women across #Wales who have faced male violence and will continue to raise awareness in our workplaces and communities. #NotInMyName

RT @cardiffstudents: RT @cardiffstudents: Motion 1: ‘Make Cardiff Students’ Union a Living Wage Employer’ passes #CardiffAGM19

RT @PropelWales: The press conference that has rocked the Welsh establishment. Propel's @neiljmcevoy exposing the hypocrisy of Cardiff Bay. Dyma'r gynhadledd i'r wasg sydd wedi siglo'r sefydliad Cymreig. Wele @neiljmcevoy o fudiad Propel yn datgelu rhagrith Bae Caerdydd.

RT @WelshConserv: RT @WelshConserv: Congratulations to Carolyn Webster! Selected tonight as the Parliamentary Candidate for Cardiff West.

RT @KayleighSSSOSL: #Cardiff if you haven't heard, there is a proposal for a waste incinerator to built in the CF3 area. There is a public meeting with @neiljmcevoy this Friday November 1st 6.30pm at Trowbridge Community Centre. St Mellons Rumney Marshfield Wentlooge Llanrumney

RT @JacotheNorth: RT @JacotheNorth: @indywalesfans @neiljmcevoy @WelshGovernment has never thought beyond Cardiff.