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@CllrRobertson However that doesn't mean the status quo is sustainable, we as one on our frustration about that. But a better alternative deserves thoughtful consideration and discussion with the public across the UK.

RT @gtconway3dg: "Pretty impressive that an LLC that didn't exist at the beginning of this year and still doesn't have a website has received $42 million from the RNC," Brendan Fischer, director of federal reform at the Campaign Legal Center, told Salon.…

Tim S. Uppal (unknown) tweeted :

This doesn't get done without @MichelleRempel hammering the Minister of Health about this every day.

RT @ChrisMusson: Just checked and New Zealand doesn't have a five-tier system, as Nicola Sturgeon said (twice) today. There are four alert levels. Unless I'm missing something.…

RT @KateC_SNP: The Scot Gvt is taking action needed to control spread of the virus - but doesn't have all the levers of control over economic support packages. Still, they've found £40m to support those most impacted - unlike the UK gvt who are making it hardest for businesses most affected.

RT @tribunemagazine: There is no path to meeting climate targets that doesn't run through a dramatic reduction in the use of cars. If we want to avoid ecological disaster, now is the time to invest in the alternatives.…

RT @KateForbesMSP: And as a reminder, most of our requests won't cost the Treasury a penny - so either he doesn't care (Scotland isn't high enough on his list of priorities), or its purely a political position (Tory ideology will trump good sense.)

RT @alastair_moore_: The UK government doesn't even know how many cannabis medicine prescriptions happen in the UK, its mad they keep demanding more evidence. IF WE GAVE IT TO YOU YOU'D JUST LOSE IT

RT @IhuThaambe: RT @IhuThaambe: The truth doesn't always set you free; people prefer to believe prettier, neatly wrapped lies.

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RT @GMB: 'This government has no idea what it's like on the front line.' Labour politician Eleanor Smith says the government 'doesn't realise what effect it has on the morale on the healthcare workers' over Helen Whately's comments about student nurses. @piersmorgan | @susannareid100