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RT @NicolaSturgeon: 1/ Seems to me that no-one who voted against May’s deal on basis it lacked strong enough assurances about closeness of future relationship could possibly vote for this - much harder Brexit beckons if this deal passes.…

RT @steve_hawkes: RT @steve_hawkes: Wonder how many Labour MPs wish they’d backed Theresa May’s Deal

RT @rosskempsell: Theresa May’s cabinet repeatedly attack Jeremy Corbyn and his entourage as an extreme risk to national security. Tonight a formal inquiry is underway into a leak from the government’s top intelligence forum (which must be trusted by UK allies) - and ministers are in the frame

RT @theSNP: First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #stuc19: "Scotland wants no part of Theresa May’s despicable hostile environment. We reject the dog whistle xenophobia that is too prevalent in political discourse. And we stand firm and united against the rise of the far right."

RT @davidschneider: Labour MPs. Just a reminder that voting for Theresa May’s deal tomorrow is voting for Raab’s or Johnson’s or Rees-Mogg’s deal* in a matter of weeks. *austerity, chlorinated chicken, an end to workers' rights, human rights, environmental protections, etc etc

RT @AllieHBNews: RT @AllieHBNews: Wednesday’s Daily MAIL: “Mogg: Sorry, I WILL Back May’s Deal” #bbcpapers #tomorrowspaperstoday

David C Bannerman (EU) retweeted @Peston :

RT @Peston: RT @Peston: As I said earlier, Labour now faces choice between backing May’s deal and no deal.

RT @MabelvanOranje: The British Parliament doesn’t want May’s soft Brexit, doesn’t want a hard Brexit, doesn’t want a new referendum. What do they want? Eternal limbo?

RT @BBCBreaking: UK MPs vote against Theresa May’s revised EU withdrawal deal by 391 to 242, throwing #Brexit plans into confusion #BrexitVote latest:

RT @HackneyAbbott: May’s claims on the political declaration are false. They are an attempt to obscure the decisive difference between her deal and Corbyn’s policy My piece on Brexit in the @IndyVoices…