All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @BethRigby: PM’s mantra thru this crisis is that his govt’s ‘guided by the science’. But @RishiSunak unequivocal today on who takes the decisions & should be accountable for them: “Advisors advise ministers who are elected to make decisions” & are responsible for those decisions #marr

RT @NickBoles: In two weeks, we’ve seen the PM’s chief advisor refuse fo apologise for breaking both the letter and the spirit of the lockdown he imposed on the rest of us, the Home Secretary insist on quarantining inbound travellers from countries with far fewer infections than the UK..1/

RT @NickTorfaen: The clear sense that it’s one rule for the PM’s main adviser and another for everyone else causes fundamental problems for policing the public health restrictions, putting us all at risk. I’ve written to the Home Secretary setting out urgent questions that must answered:

RT @ByDonkeys: When the PM’s top adviser is criss-crossing the country with coronavirus, it’s definitely time to Stay Alert (Location: Westminster Bridge Rd, London)

RT @DrSYQuraishi: RT @DrSYQuraishi: PM’s chopper raid incident is a great opportunity missed ! Please see my views.

RT @NickBoles: I am no longer a member of the Conservative Party. So I can be blunt where previously I might have been discreet. The PM’s head of communications Robbie Gibb is a hard Brexiter who wants to destroy the PM’s new search for a cross party compromise.

RT @robertcourts: I will reluctantly back the PM’s deal if/when there is a MV3. The hard reality is that this deal, for all its faults, is now the only available route out of the EU & to deliver on our promises. With renewed focus the ultimate prize is still achievable in future relationship talks

RT @bbclaurak: Ouch - Minister on PM’s decision to ask only for short delay - ‘Weak, weak, weak. Substantially increases the risk of no deal. Her most craven surrender to the hardliners yet. She knows this is the wrong choice for the country but she’s putting her short term interests first.’

RT @SamCoatesTimes: After the PM’s statement, the ERG’s initial response is to do nothing because “nothing has been taken off the table” No deal still there - just delayed

RT @gabeeno: How much longer do we hav to wait for PM’s promise to be fulfilled?The promise of getting the 17 PTM activists including @Pashteen_idrees @a_baittani out of jail YESTERDAY ... the activists who were arrested unfairly and are suffering for no reason in prison? #ReleasePTMActivists