All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DrPhillipLee: RT @DrPhillipLee: We could have been ready for #COVID19. That’s what makes me so angry about this Government’s mishandling of this pandemic…

RT @MilesBriggsMSP: Scots help out fellow Scots when they are facing tough times. That’s just how Scotland works and that’s exactly what we are all going to have to do.…

@ewnreporter That’s also not Gana

RT @IlhanMN: RT @IlhanMN: We must lead with love sis, even when others don’t. That’s the only way forward.

RT @antonioguterres: Progress towards gender equality has been agonizingly slow and women’s rights are still under threat. That’s why I'm joining the #GenerationEquality movement to stand united for an equal future.

RT @Harryn9000: @Moore4Southport @patel4witham @MerPolChiefCon And he says it takes 3 hours That’s a load of rubbish aswell it it 40 mins by car and Southport ain’t the only place that’s underfunded but he supported all these cuts in first place so he too blame why it gone to pot like the rest of the public services

RT @kwr66: RT @kwr66: That’s a pity, he’d make a great leader. His heft will be hard to replace. Quite an exodus. A lot of talent leaving. https://t.c…

RT @sruthijith: RT @sruthijith: You don’t badmouth biryani and hope to win an election in Delhi. That’s my hot take.

RT @flotus1982: RT @flotus1982: @ChisTownTeam @neill_bob That’s sad news. Well we can always use one at post office

RT @garry_keller: I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but full respect to @RonaAmbrose for making a decision about the #cpcldr race that’s right for her. She has served our party and our country with distinction and I’m proud to call her a friend. 👍👏#cdnpoli