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Wasay Jalil (pakistan) retweeted @HPE :

RT @HPE: Tune in NOW for an exclusive conversation on today’s #cybersecurity threats. Join Former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts, HPE customers, experts and more in "The Element of Protection": 🔒…

Party conferences look a little different in 2020. Thanks to all the @NSWLabor members who joined today’s online convention. Together, we’ll keep fighting for the better, fairer future that Australians deserve.

RT @JoshFrydenberg: Today’s job numbers saw another devastating result for Vic with 36k jobs lost in Sep. In the last 2 months 73k jobs have been lost in Vic. In comparison 172k jobs have been created across the rest of the nation. Time for the lockdown to end & Victorians to get their freedom back.

RT @USAmbUK: Prime Minister @BorisJohnson celebrates today’s #Mayflower400 anniversary - it is certainly a reminder of our enduring alliance! 🇺🇸🇬🇧

RT @SsamanJay: Not one political party, not one, raising voice agnst the on going open incitement of hate against Shias. Today’s rally has exposed so many. Silence will strengthen our killers. God forbid this can lead to a more serious & brutal wave of Shia killings. May Almighty Allah save us.

At today’s @dailytelegraph Bush Summit with the Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP Australia’s new National Soils Advocate, The Hon Penny Wensley who will continue the advocacy & build on the legacy of her predecessor in this important role, Major General, The Hon Michael Jeffery.

Mathias Sundin (sweden) tweeted :


RT @Tony_Burke: Funding film production here creates jobs. I’m glad the govt has made today’s announcement. Here’s what I don’t understand: today its the money for Hollywood and two weeks ago it was the money for Australian films. Why is it $50m for our stories and $400m for Hollywood? #auspol

RT @Feorlean: RT @Feorlean: My column in today’s @SunScotNational - a reflection on what lies behind the latest power grab from Westminster.

RT @UKGovWales: Writing in today’s Western Mail, Welsh Secretary @Simonhartmp talks about the importance of moving out of lockdown together as one United Kingdom.…