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RT @Nadjdaniela: RT @Nadjdaniela: The Glasgow audience tonight made it quite clear that staying in the EU is a priority over staying in the UK.#bbcqt

RT @jeanichol: I'd be very sorry to see Scotland leave the Union, but if I were a Scot watching #bbcqt, I'd be clamouring for IndyRef 2. The "will of the people" applies to them too, and their voices are routinely ignored in England. Shame on us.

RT @christina014_: RT @christina014_: "'Britain is going to be OK.' When did just OK become enough?" #BBCQT

RT @Ian_Fraser: RT @Ian_Fraser: I love the look on the faces of the two young women at the end of @tomhfh's tedious rant #bbcqt

End of #BBCQT ...stellar peroft by @AlynSmith who was head and shoulders above them all!!

RT @RichardJMurphy: RT @RichardJMurphy: So, to rank performances 1st Sturgeon 2nd Corbyn 11th Swinson 137th Johnson #BBCqt

RT @Stoviesplz: UPDATE from tonight’s #BBCQT: 1. Claire Feaver Tory councillor Forres. 2. Frank Brown, Tory councillor Elgin. 3. Jane Lax (featured by BBC), Moray Conservatives Honary treasurer. 4. Ian Lax, Tory campaigner and unionist #connect4

RT @Ian_Fraser: RT @Ian_Fraser: clueless about trade, Nigel Farage starts spouting total nonsense. #bbcqt

RT @AngrySalmond: RT @AngrySalmond: I think Joanna Cherry might be my new favourite SNP. She's a good SNP. #bbcqt

RT @robmcd85: RT @robmcd85: Audience member says on matters of Scottish Independence, English people should be quiet #bbcqt