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End of #BBCQT ...stellar peroft by @AlynSmith who was head and shoulders above them all!!

It is the cluelessness of the likes of Iain Martin that is making a mess of the UK and on course to poverish the place ◽ #bbcqt

#bbcqt Funny watching the realisation (on panel and audience) that the EU have a say in a 2 party deal between EU and UK .... Off their heads :)

#bbcqt Brussels mate won't give another deal ... Take it or suffer more or get yourself back in the EU ... or CU & SM as a minimum.

Lol the "work together" member of the audience ... Ok work and follow the SNP then as wisest on Brexit and of course Independence. #bbcqt

#BBCQT Tory MP says people are "bored to back teeth with the issue" of Brexit and "move on" .... Folk sadly will not be bored for long when the calamity happens. Hence Scotland must catch up with Mairead's Ireland #bbcqt

Mike Russell MSP @Feorlean forceful and as authoritative as ever on #bbcqt ... abseloutely bossing Ross Thomson's nonsense on Universal Credit.

Yemen - let's not talk about it #bbcqt

After watching bit of #BBCQT from Blackpool .... .... Socrates was right

After watching bit of #BBCQT .... Socrates was right