All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @RCorbettMEP: #Europeanelections 2019 : Seats GB Remain parties Lab 10 LibDems16 SNP 3 Green 7 Plaid 1 TOTAL: 37 (10 more than last time) Leave parties: BrexitParty 29 Con 4 UKIP 0 TOTAL: 33 (10 fewer than last time) => clear swing from Leave to Remain !

RT @RemainAlliance: At the #EuropeanElections the following Remain parties are those most likely to win seats, by region, according to @remain_eu . This will probably change.

RT @RemainAlliance: Latest #RemainAlliance voting recommendations for the #EuropeanElections . Source: @uk_domain_names (see thread for details)

RT @junqueras: Thanks @EFAparty for unanimously electing me as #Spitzenkandidat for the #EuropeanElections 2019. It is an honour for me to be the voice of those who want to defend the right to self-determination #EuropeOfAllPeoples