All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @CassandraRules: This is who the rioters are hurting. They’re not hurting the police. They’re not hurting the people who they think are “oppressing them.” They’re hurting people like this. It’s sick.

RT @Aiannucci: To be fair, we shouldn’t expect Johnson and Hancock to supply perfect answers to complex health problems. They’re not qualified medical experts; which is why they’ve brought in specialists like the former head of TalkTalk and accountancy firm Accenture.

RT @BBCPolitics: “Even his own MPs have run out of patience [with government U-turns]... They’re right, aren’t they?” asks Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer PM Boris Johnson says Starmer has “performed a U-turn" on his stance on Brexit #PMQs

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

The fact that young people are being judged on the basis of where they’re from and which school they went to didn’t happen by accident. It was a political choice. Here’s what @GavinWilliamson said to @ofqual back in March...

RT @cuOxter: @TheCurlyLucy @BillyMcD1 @MattHancock The whole misleading trick is calling these tests. They’re not. They’re specimen collection kits to be sent on for tests in the labs when completed. Scotland’s figures are from fully completed tests, taken from the labs. England’s are specimen kits sent out. Some difference.

RT @MiriamBrett: Shout out to @MILKcafeglasgow on small business Saturday. They’re a beautiful wee cafe in Govanhill that promotes the integration of ethnic minority women. Pop along and spend all of your pennies devouring scrumptious cake. #SmallBizSat

RT @joeIjoeIjoel: Lisa Nandy (on female Jewish MPs) “I don’t care if they’re right wing or not, racism is racism” 👏 #TeamNandy #WeWinTogether #LabourLeadership

RT @joeIMEP: The questions are very good. They aren’t vague, they’re detailed and straight to the point. Well done to the open Labour members who asked it #OLHustings

RT @ekcelt: RT @ekcelt: @AngusMacNeilSNP They’re calling it a war but it must be the only war we’ve had that we sit and wait on being attacked!!

RT @StephenLloydEBN: Boohoo say they’re “deeply shocked by the recent allegations about the Leicester garment industry," Yeh right. These sweat shops have been an open secret in Leicester for years. So why did the 3 Lab MPs, Lab Mayor and Lab local authority do nothing 🤷‍♀️…