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RT @moniquerankine: RT @moniquerankine: The police killed a BLACK FEMALE in Toronto today. They threw her over the balcony and there’s no news coverage on this…

RT @grenfellcampus: We’re offering Psychology 1000 remotely this Spring! The semester begins on Monday, May 11 so there’s still time to register via Memorial Self-Service (CRN: 94028). New to remote learning or need help? Message us for assistance! #grenfell20 @MemorialU

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RT @RWJBoon: RT @RWJBoon: There’s fewer than 50 votes between Russell Walker and Andrew Curran and THAT IS BANONKERS.

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RT @NYCMayor: A lot of understandably anxious people stocked up their fridges and cabinets today. Rest assured, there’s no need for that. Our supply chain is active and deliveries are rolling in as normal. Shelves will restock. Remember: facts, not fear.

RT @CanadaAction: “If you show that 14 year old kid there’s a better future out there... a job, a house, a future, then you’ve done your job (as a leader).” Those activists that are going to stop development in your territory, they do not care about that 14 year old kid. They could care less.”

RT @KaranveerPannu: RT @KaranveerPannu: If there was a zombie outbreak in Canada there’s only one leader I’d feel safe with. #JagmeetSingh #SinghSurge https:…

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RT @lvandenassum: #Myanmar: Grandi said that until government resolves the problem of citizenship & freedom of movement, there’s little chance that refugees from northern Rakhine now living in cramped camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh will agree to return home voluntarily…

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RT @jkenney: World oil demand is growing. There’s no question about that. The question is: Will Alberta oil fulfill that demand? Or will foreign oil?

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RT @JsrSmith: Over the last week, Liberal defence on SNC/JWR has included: - There’s nothings to see here - I am disappointed in her - She didn’t flag anything to me - She was a problem - This is a witch hunt - She couldn’t speak French - She was collateral damage - Scott Brison I miss any?

RT @EdAmmar: “We’re buying 700,000 barrels a day for eastern refiners from other places in the world at world prices,” he said. “There’s no other country in the world that would do anything as dumb as this.”… #ableg #cdnpoli