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MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk. Fighting against IndyRef2 : Out of hours, I’m training for my next marathon, somewhere. Triathlete. Ironman.


MP for Braintree. Dept Chairman of the @Conservatives. Constituency stuff on my Facebook page. I don’t see all tweets I’m tagged in so email if it’s important

RT @SPhillipsAB: I’m really done with this whole idea of a “real Albertan.” I’ve never lived anywhere else for any long period of time, my…

Joe Oliver (unknown) tweeted :

I’m sorry @StephenLeDrew was fired from @CP24 Live at Noon. He was an engaging host & interviewer who covered a wide range of issues with edgy verve, insight, humour & fearless search for facts & the truth, which explained his high ratings. I’m sure he will continue to be heard.

Smart read from @InklessPW (although I’m more optimistic on democracy): “ takes a concerted application of selective memory to convince oneself the current period of elevated mutual mistrust is new or unique in our political culture.”…

Justin Trudeau (Liberal) tweeted :

Kamloops, we’re on our way to kick off this year’s town hall tour in your beautiful city. I’m looking forward to taking your questions, see you tonight!

RT @kris_sims: @MichelleRempel “I’m going to exact revenge upon you!”

RT @Khelsilem: That’s decided it for me. I’m voting Kennedy Stewart.…

I’m happy to be corrected on this, but I didn’t see a certain former colleague mine from Quebec in the House for the vote on the Global Compact motion.

RT @MayorWindsor: Play in the Park launch in Pioneer Park is packed with happy kids, great job by Panorama Recreation staff, I’m proud to b…

RT @AlexNuttallMP: Someone get the @NDP a doctor. I’m not sure if there is a heartbeat.

RT @RickAnderson: 1. I’m for supporting independent journalism. 2. 🇨🇦’s largest media union actively helping govt get re-elected. 3. Govt s…