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RT @GeoffreyPlant: Hang on hang on hang on. The government is changing the rules on #ProportionalRepresentation after I’ve voted??? I think…

.@GuyLauzon served his community with so much pride for 15 years, and I’ve been so thankful to have him part of our Conservative family. To Guy, I wish you and Frances nothing but the best as you start on this new journey.

RT @SPhillipsAB: I’m really done with this whole idea of a “real Albertan.” I’ve never lived anywhere else for any long period of time, my…

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RT @411Regan: Past few days I’ve been watching @ElizabethMay on Twitter deflect and correct false accusations from carmudgeoning men about…

@cmikulin No, not boring at all. I’ve spent many late hours excitedly pouring through collections at the L&A (they’re open till 11pm!) Just making the light hearted point that the austere name is belied by their often light hearted social media.

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Yes. Change for payphones. Smart. I’ve also included 2 apples and a carrot for my horse.

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @markusoff :

@markusoff Hey! Please DM your street. I’ve visited over 12,000 doors. Sorry to have missed you. My home tel number is on all of my signs. Please call to chat anytime.

(3/3) I’ve also created a Working Group on Gender Equity in Sport, to ensure women are treated equally in sport. With the work of Canada’s research institutions and sports organizations, we’re welcoming all into the lab, classroom, and field, to fulfill their highest potential.

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @t_follwell :

@t_follwell Hi Tianna-Please DM me. Am happy to pop by. You didn’t receive my 1st, large 11” x 17” brochure? I’ve visited every street already. We track which side I doorknock vs volunteers +am on track to have most door-knocked + not just lit dropped by EDay. Can’t wait to meet you!

RT @michael_byers: "I’ve never met anyone who’s more prepared to lead this country.”… #ndp #canpol…