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Member of Parliament for Ross, Skye & Lochaber and @theSNP Parliamentary Leader at Westminster.


Member of Parliament for Glasgow North & @thesnp Westminster Chief Whip

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @deelightful :

RT @deelightful: Traveling from our beautiful west coast bound to Ottawa for #Orange2018. Hello from New Westminster BC @MPJulian

RT @michaelshapcott: Today, at evensong at Westminster Abbey, I lit a candle and gave thanks for wonderful life of Alice Heap! http://t. ...

Paul Dewar (unknown) retweeted @PaulDewar :

RT @PaulDewar: The hardest working @ottawasenators @kyleturris scores the winner! Pride of New Westminster BC and Lacrosse player…

RT @dgardner: It bears repeating: MPs actually have a lot of power in the Westminster system. Ultimately, they are yoked like oxen because …

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @camlileron :

RT @camlileron: @MPJulian campaign opening New Westminster Burnaby #NDP

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @camlileron :

RT @camlileron: New Westminster - Burnaby @MPJulian is your #NDP candidate in #election2015 let's get him re-elected

@mikepaulmurphy Actually not a legislator now. If I am in the future, I will be open to reforms that compliment our Westminster system

James Moore (unknown) retweeted @SkyNews :

RT @SkyNews: Ken Clarke and Malcolm Rifkind filmed in Sky News Westminster studio making remarks about Tory leadership candidates https://t…

RT @laitCan_Cdnmilk: Congratulations @MPJulian on deciding to run for re-election in New Westminster - Burnaby! #CDNMILKMATTERS #DFC_PLC

RT @MichelleRempel: Everyone, #ff to @ChloeEllisNWB, our new dynamic candidate in New Westminster - Burnaby. Check her out…