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Dad - Member of Parliament - #Crawley - Vegetarian - Vexillologist. Enquiries? Please email: as I can’t guarantee seeing DMs/posts.


Labour MP for Westminster North. Live locally? Please raise issues with me via email at as I can’t do casework on Twitter. Thank you!

RT @AdamBandt: RT @AdamBandt: Australia: Things can’t get any worse, right? 2020: Hold my beer...

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: So from now until a few days after Budget we’re in “I can’t believe it’s not caretaker” government.

@AndrewBoocock @InsidersABC @JoshFrydenberg Can’t speak for everyone but I suspect it’s because of the @WHO directions. I was surprised when I saw the poster but it’s very clear about using the towel at the end to turn off the water. @helenhainesindi had the best idea by using a bucket.

Although we can’t gather to pay our respects this Anzac Day, the ABC has full coverage of the Anzac Dawn Service from Canberra at 5.30am. Lest we forget. #AnzacDay…

@greenbus @InsidersABC @helenhainesindi Helen was brilliant. But help... I... can’t......sing. Does anyone know how to wash hands while playing guitar or piano?

Govt chaos as @DanTehanWannon can’t confirm what he told the parliament on childcare and family daycare. Meanwhile families and provides are left in limbo. #auspol

Nobody is being evicted accoroto #insiders panelist. We already have a huge homeless problem. We can’t make it worse. If you want to keep people at home we need to ensure they have one.

RT @ellaNbuckland: RT @ellaNbuckland: @feefiefoefumm Yeah worried too. I have to report my income tomorrow and if I can’t log on I will be suspended.

RT @Greens: During the #COVID_19 crisis, if you can’t pay rent, you should not be forced out onto the street. It’s that simple. We must ensure #NoEvictions and provide immediate rent holidays for those in need. Agree? Add your name here 👉…

RT @RogerPielkeJr: Link to my new climate paper. Why does climate policy continue to center on options that can’t work? A willful myopia I argue⤵️…