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RT @gedkearney: I’ll be at the Moonee Ponds ANMF campaign launch. See you there 👊…

“Privately, the bank basically admitted they’re wrong, but they just say I’ll have to take them to court if I want to do anything about it.” – Newcastle, NSW

RT @simonahac: @LyleShelton @AuConservatives lyle, i’ll just leave these here. if you’re inclined to explain why they’re of no concern, i’…

RT @MarkDiStef: Again. She did it again. Bronwyn “I’ll catch a $5,000 helicopter for a 80km drive” Bishop blaming SOCIALISM for Sus…

@DukeLongley @robbierocket7 @PPantsdown @AuConservatives Whatever happens, I’ll be a man about it

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

Fight fans it is time for #UFC225 I’ll be cheering on Aussie middle weight champ @robwhittakermma @ufc

@twentyversance @TheVoiceAU I’ll stick to my day job and my side hustle of poor karaoke!

@simonahac @AuConservatives I’ll just highlight one of your errors. Two year lease and operation of SA diesel generators in excess of $100m. Then is agreement to purchase for another $200m+ all because your wind and solar power fantasy isn’t reliable.…

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

I’ll be cheering on @Socceroos tonight. Best wishes lads.

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

He may not have a gold Logie (yet) but I’ll be joining the future winner @PMOnAir for #PMLive soon. I suspect he’d prefer a stogie to a Logie in any event! #auspol