All deleted tweets from politicians

Congratulations to Susan Ley for being appointed to Cabinet and made Australia’s 32nd Environment Minister. There’s so much work to do. I look forward to working together to protect the Bight, cleaning up our oceans and tackling the extinction crisis.

And as well as a fine mullet @MarkMcGowanMP & @Jess4SwanHills there’s our fabulous Labor candidate for Pearce Kim Travers #wapol #auspol #KimTravers

There’s been a long list of scandals surrounding the managment of the Murray-Darling: Water theft, mismanagement, millions of dead fish, corruption & cuts the environmental water. Needs a clean up. Needs a Royal Commission

Peter Dutton always goes low when he’s under pressure. Always has. In my view, there’s few people who represent what’s wrong with politics today as well Peter Dutton.

$189m. That’s all the gov is spending on its signature climate ‘policy’ over the Budget period. There’s more new money for the Cairns Ring Road than for climate change. Turf this mob out. #Budget2019 #Greens

SMH there’s Kim Travers in Pearce & Melissa Teede in Canning running against Lib blokes too. Twenty-five year low: Liberals could be left with just five women in the House of Representatives…

There’s never been a better time to release the secret Coalition Agreement Scotty. Or maybe will? #natsspill #auspol

The Wilkie Report: I’ll continue to do what I can to bring down fuel prices. There’s no doubt we’re being ripped off and most people have had a gutful. #politas #auspol…

For those who didn’t know, there’s a cross bench on the rise ...…

Steven Ciobo (unknown) tweeted :

Australians have enormous respect for their veterans. But we know there’s more we can do to support them, & recognise their vital role and service to Australia. That’s why we’re developing the Australian Veterans’ Covenant, and rolling out new support measures for our veterans.🇦🇺