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RT @MRobertsQLD: "Today’s typical Australian eco-warrior is affluent, educated and smug." "They drive European cars, fly north in the wint…

RT @jonkudelka: Cost Benefit Analysis in today’s @australian

RT @jonkudelka: Cost Benefit Analysis in today’s @australian

RT @LindaBurneyMP: Today’s #NationalApology belongs to the survivors whove bravely shared their experiences with the Royal Commission. We a…

RT @meredithhammat: So many amazing women doing the Anna Stewart Program that we could hardly fit them in the photo! Today’s panel discussi…

RT @jonkudelka: A Whiff Of Victory in today’s ⁦@australian⁩

RT @jonkudelka: Cabinet Overboard in today’s @australian

Greg Hunt (liberal-party) tweeted :

Today’s half a billion dollar health investment will be life-changing for so many of our sickest Australians, including many children battling cancer. It will save and protect lives.