All deleted tweets from politicians

Shakeel Ahmad (india) tweeted :

An interesting Social Media post on today’s election results.

Sam Pitroda (unknown) tweeted :

Pluralism is Pillar if today’s World !!

Rahul Gandhi (india) tweeted :

One of the highlights of today’s CWC meeting, was Mr Anthony’s brilliant description of the Rafale robbery: 130,000 Cr. stolen from the people of India and given to a friend who was 45,000 crore in debt. #RafaleScam

I am positive the outcome of today’s insightful discussions with @NITIAayog and @Copenhagen_CC will further our mission to build a progressive and new #Rajasthan.

Kapil Sibal (india) tweeted :

My piece in today’s the Hindu…

Kapil Sibal (india) tweeted :

My piece in today’s Indian Express on Government’s of ‘ revenge politics’ in motion to remove…

Kapil Sibal (india) replied to @KapilSibal :

Today’s press conference at AICC…

Akhilesh Yadav (india) tweeted :

Media reports that a lot of voters names are missing from the voting list for today’s election.This type of digital India cannot take us forward.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan (india) tweeted :

JIn today’s context, ‘Translational Research’ outcome driven&time bound, should be the buzz word going around in the Organization @CSIR_IND

C R Paatil (india) tweeted :

The NM App has a new quiz on today’s #MannKiBaat. Do take part in this interesting quiz & urge others to as well....