All deleted tweets from politicians

This is a New era for #NewIndia , a #MODIfied India ! Today’s day remind us the words of our Shraddheya Atal ji, who once said ‘मैं तो ३०० का आँकड़ा देख रहा हूँ’ ! It feels blessed and fortunate to be the part of this journey of @BJP4India from 2 to 303 !

Thank you Lucknow! Your affection and energy in today’s roadshow was overwhelmed me and it would remain etched in my memory.

CPI (M) (india) tweeted :

Glimpses of today’s campaign at Jadavpur LS Constituency in support of LF nominated CPI(M) candidate Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya. TMC Hatao Bangal Bachao, Bhajpa Hatao Desh Bachao

Nisha Singh (india) tweeted :

In today’s day and age what kind of leaders/nations gift each other weapons. 😳🙄

Raja Swain (india) tweeted :

Sharing some glimpses of today’s Inauguration of Ghantikhal Police Outpost at Ghantikhal Gram Panchayat.

Akhilesh Yadav (india) tweeted :

Today’s events.

Shakeel Ahmad (india) tweeted :

An interesting Social Media post on today’s election results.

Sam Pitroda (unknown) tweeted :

Pluralism is Pillar if today’s World !!

Rahul Gandhi (india) tweeted :

One of the highlights of today’s CWC meeting, was Mr Anthony’s brilliant description of the Rafale robbery: 130,000 Cr. stolen from the people of India and given to a friend who was 45,000 crore in debt. #RafaleScam

I am positive the outcome of today’s insightful discussions with @NITIAayog and @Copenhagen_CC will further our mission to build a progressive and new #Rajasthan.