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Neil Findlay MSP (Labour) tweeted :

Good piece in today’s Herald telling it like it is not as some would wish it is…

RT @AndrewWilson: RT @AndrewWilson: In today’s ⁦@ScotNational⁩: Next Scottish White Paper will learn from 2014 – and from Brexit…

RT @AidanKerr___: Today’s hate crime report that states the Football Act does not need replaced, showing football fans were right and SNP politicians were wrong all along. How many fans were needlessly harassed, arrested and or prosecuted we’ll never know. Don’t hold your breath for an apology.

RT @AidanKerr___: Huge story in today’s Courier. SNP Education Secretary John Swinney was warned ‘pornographic materials’ were circulating on a Scot Gov approved app for school children but didn’t pull the plug until 6 weeks later when journalists were going to report on it:

Neil Findlay MSP (Labour) tweeted :

Today’s poll - do you think Scotland’s train servicea are run well by Abelio Scotrail ?

Neil Findlay MSP (Labour) tweeted :

Great discussion at today’s @M_Star_Online conference on the the future for our young people and youth politics

RT @kittysull1: Delighted to speak at today’s event in West Lothian to end the #16daysofaction . Gender based violence is a human rights issue and we all have a role to play in ending the abuse & offering support. @westlothianwa @DrMoiraShemilt @HannahB4LiviMP