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RT @SP_LocalGovt: Today’s evidence with @MonicaLennon7 on #FreePeriodProducts Bill was interesting and informative. Read the minutes here

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RT @NeilBibby: Too many Scots are underemployed & today’s stats show Scotland’s employment rate still trails the UK by 1.5%. The tax base must grow to provide more for public services. Scotland needs a proper economic strategy to create quality jobs, raise living standards & increase revenues.

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RT @ScotParl: @ColinSmythMSP posed the following question on #ScotRail fare increases to the First Minister during today’s session of #FMQs Find out how this question was answered on SPTV 📺

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Good piece in today’s Herald telling it like it is not as some would wish it is…

RT @HRwritesnews: Latest on the #QEUH in today’s #HeraldonSunday. leaked documents show startling detail about the problems at the campus including 🦠Records inaccurate/missing 🦠Ventilation picked to the wrong size 🦠Wards not designed for immunocompromised patients 🦠Cost to fix one ward £2.8m

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

The “when’s Nicola back” look on the faces of SNP MSPs at today’s #FMQs

RT @BBCScot2016: RT @BBCScot2016: Plus @Margaret_Curran & @AngelaHaggerty give us their take on today’s stories. Join us at 10.30 on BBC Two. #scotland2016

RT @AndrewWilson: RT @AndrewWilson: In today’s ⁦@ScotNational⁩: Next Scottish White Paper will learn from 2014 – and from Brexit…

RT @haddington700: East Lothian Council Provost John McMillan @mcmillwynd admiring the Bruce Charter after today’s launch of #Haddington700

RT @AidanKerr___: Today’s hate crime report that states the Football Act does not need replaced, showing football fans were right and SNP politicians were wrong all along. How many fans were needlessly harassed, arrested and or prosecuted we’ll never know. Don’t hold your breath for an apology.